2020 Health and Soccer Online Camp

Register Now! (All locations: Boston, Hartford, NYC)

At UMBF, new rules can mean new excitement. We’ve teamed with some amazing partners bring the action home. Our award-winning soccer and health summer camp is moving online for its 11th year, so we made sure to bring the best of the best with us. We’re taking the pros to you with special guest appearances and incredible soccer sessions you can experience from anywhere.

Until we’re all back on the field, we’re making the most of this time to make our team a little bit bigger, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

Registration includes a complimentary Puma soccer ball, cones, and more surprises to love. To make sure it’s as safe and easy as it is enjoyable, we’ll coordinate pick-up and drop-off locations for our special equipment bags.

If you have any questions, please call 617.365.6804 or email store@ucalbreakaway.com.

REGISTRATION IS FREE thanks to our amazing sponsors and partners: Able Made, Futbol Friends International, Hartford Public Schools, iheartradio, JUST Water, LootScout, Marriott Hartford Downtown, Puma, and WeGotSoccer.

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